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Born 26 September 1968 in Münster, Germany

Lives + works in Berlin, Germany

Studied Fine Arts (Master of Arts in 1997 at theUniversity of Arts, Berlin)

Studied Film (at the University of Arts, Berlin and the German Film and Television School, Berlin in 1994-96)

Works in filmbusiness as storyboard-artist since 1997 + concept artist since 2004, e.g. with directors Roland Emmerich, Quentin Tarantino, Roman Polanski, The Wachowskis, George Clooney, Gore Verbinski, Dennis Gansel

Works as 2.Unit Director since 2016

recent work on movies (selection):

- “Girl in a spider web“, Sony Pictures, Filmservice Babelsberg GmbH,director: Fede Alvarez, Stroyboard, ©2018
- “Jim Button & Luke the Engine Driver“, Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH, Malao FilmInc, Warner Bros. Deutschland GmbH; Director: Dennis Gansel,

       Storyboard + 2.Unit Director ©2018
- “Counterpart“, MediaRightsCapital, StarzEntertainment, Studio Babelsberg MotionPicture GmbH, directors: diverse, production design: Knut Loewe,

       Concept Art + Storyboard, ©2017
- “Submergence“, Neue Road Movies GmbH, director: Wim Wenders, Storyboard, ©2016
- “Berlin Station“,  36. Babelsberg Film GmbH, Paramount TV, director: diverse, Storyboard, ©2015
- “Cure for Wellness“,  Studio Babelsberg, Regency Enterprises, TSG Entertainment, director: Gore Verbinski, Storyboard, ©2015
- “Renegades“,  33. Babelsberg Film GmbH, EuropaCorp, director: Steven Quale, Storyboard, ©2015
- “Mechanic Resurrection“, Summit Entertainment, Millennium Films, director: Dennis Gansel, prod.-design: Sebastian  Krawinkel, Concept art, ©2014
- “Point Break“, Alcon Entertainment, DMG Entertainment, Warner Bros., director: Ericson Core, Storyboard, ©2014
- “Agent 47“, 20th Century Fox, director: Alexander Bach, prod.-design:Sebastian Krawinkel, Concept art, ©2014
- “Monuments Men“, Sony Pictures, director: George Clooney, Storyboard, ©2013
- “Beauty and Beast“, ESKWAD Production, director: Christophe Gans, prod.-design: Thierry Flamand, Concept art, ©2012
- “A Most Wanted Man“, AMWM Production, director: Anton Corbijn, prod.-design:Sebastian Krawinkel, Concept art + storyboard, ©2012
- “Cloud Atlas“, Warner Bros, directors: L.&A. Wachowski/Tom Tykwer, costume-design: Kym Barret, Costume concept art, ©2011
- “Anonymous“, Sony Pictures, director: Roland Emmerich, prod.-design:Sebastian Krawinkel, Concept art + storyboard, ©2010
- “The Ghostwriter“, R.P.Films/Elfte Babelsberg, director: Roman Polanski, prod.-design: Albrecht Konrad, Concept art + storyboard, ©2008/9
- “Inglourious Basterds“, Miramax; director:Quentin Tarantino, prod.- design:David Wasco, Concept art. ©2008
- “Ninja Assassin“, Warner Bros., dir.:J. McTeigue, pro.-design:G. Walker, costume-design:C. Poggioli, Concept art + Costume concept art ©2008
- “The Reader“, Miramax; director: Stephen Daldry, prod.-design: Brigitte Broch, Concept art, ©2007
- “Speed Racer“, Warner Bros.; director: L.&A. Wachowski, costume-design: Kym Barret, Costume concept art, ©2007
- “V for vendetta“, Warner Bros., director: James McTeigue, prod.-design:Owen Paterson, Storyboard, ©2005
- “MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3“, C/W Production, director: J.J.Abrams , Vic Armstrong,  Storyboard, ©2004-6
- “Beyond the sea“, Trigger Street Productions, director: Kevin Spacey, prod.-design: Andrew Laws, Storyboard + illustration, ©2003/4
- “Around the world in 80 days“; Walden Media, director: Frank Coraci, prod.-design: Perry Blake; Storyboard, ©2003

- „Taking sides”, Little Bigbear, director: Istvan Szabó; prod.-design Ken Adam, Storyboard, ©2000

- various musicvideos, commercials, TV-productions

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